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Dentist in Wolftown, AL

Dentist in Wolftown, AL

As a Dentist in Wolftown, AL, Dental Associates of North Alabama offers advanced dentistry services to patients of all ages. Whether you require a simple cleaning or more complex dental care, this team of professionals is ready to serve you. With an office that is both comfortable and professional, you can be sure that each of your needs will be met in a way that is unique to you. Keep reading for more information regarding the many services offered by this dentist in Wolftown, AL.

Phone Number

(256) 355-2275


1815 Somerville Rd SE, Ste A

Decatur, AL 35601


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Hours of Operation

Monday 8AM – 5PM

Tuesday  8AM – 5PM

Wednesday  7AM – 4PM

Thursday  7AM – 4PM

Friday  Closed

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Sunday Closed

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Dentist in Decatur, AL

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